Blackout curtains are the ultimate screen for light, so you get a completely dark room. Blackout curtains are available in many forms, whether you prefer them as vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, pleated blinds or textiles. Common to all solutions is that our blackout range is in high quality and you can choose from many colors, motifs and patterns.


Blackout for the individual taste

At Merkur Gardiner, you can choose to get blackout as a pleated blind, textil, vertical blind or roller blind. With the many different options for blackout, there also comes many options for appearance and sizes. We have a large selection of plain, patterned and blackouts with motifs on, so you can find the solution that fits exactly to your home.


Practical and aesthetic blackout

A darkening curtain has the primary purpose of darkening a room by shielding it from light. Although a relatively convenient feature, blackout curtains can still be an aesthetic solution. Blackout curtains are available in other colors and styles than the classic black, as it is the density of the weave that determines the degree of blackout. At Merkur Gardiner, you can get both light and dark blackout fabric, so you get exactly the satiety that suits your needs, without having to compromise on appearance.


Complete blackout with rails

If you need total blackout for the bedroom, home cinema, or office, Merkur Gardiner recommends roller blinds or pleated blinds, which run on a rail and are mounted in a cassette. A rail is mounted on both sides of a window section, and thus a roller blind or pleated blind will close completely tightly when the curtain is rolled down, as it screens from side to side and top to bottom. A roller blind has brushes at the bottom to shield completely and a pleated blind closes completely tightly when clicked firmly into the bottom and top.


Use textiles as blackout

If you want the blackout to be a visible part of the decor, textiles can be a good solution. With a textil sewn from blackout fabric, you combine both functionality and aesthetics in one. Blackout fabrics can be hung on a rail or curtain rod and can be pulled back and forth as needed. The textiles can be sewn with a ruffle band at the top and thus look like a fairly ordinary textil. At Merkur Gardiner, we sell blackout textiles that consist of two layers of curtain fabric or textiles, where the back is the fabric has a special clothing that shields from light. The two different textile solutions depend on how much light shielding you need.


Darken your skylights

From especially the sloping and horizontal windows, a good light enters the home. To screen for light incidence, blackout blinds or pleats are an effective solution for various skylights. Both roller and pleated blinds run on a rail, which closes completely tightly and keeps all light out.


Longer nights with blackout for the children’s room

With blackout curtains for the children’s room, it is easier to set sleeping times for the little ones. At Merkur Gardiner you will find blackout textiles and roller and pleated blinds with exciting motifs that suit both boys and girls.


Motorized and manual operation

Roller blinds and pleated blinds, as blackout solutions, can be operated both manually with a chain drive or via a remote control or app on your smartphone or tablet, where you can choose between several power supplies, control of hours and sensor functions and other smart home settings. Merkur Gardiner’s range of motorized blinds and pleated blinds is compatible with Brel Home, Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma®.

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