Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are known for their angular structure, which gives an exciting look. The pleated blind has many functions, as it can be operated in many ways, be one or two layers, help to minimize heat leakage and insulate against cold intrusion. It is especially popular with its free parking function, which makes sunlight and viewing perfectly optimal.

Pleated blinds

Large selection of pleated blinds

Pleated blinds consist of a single layer of pleated fabric, which gives a zigzag structure. You can get pleated curtains in a wide range of fabric and color choices, from Nordic neutral colors to pang colors, patterned and with motifs on, and you can choose pleated blinds with narrow and wide horizontal folds. With pleated blinds, there is plenty of opportunity to design the sun protection that suits your home.

Pleated blinds

Minimalist solution with pleated blinds

You can choose your pleated blinds as free-hanging, where they are attached at the top and hang freely, or you can choose to have them mounted on rails, on both sides of a window section. Common to both options is that they take up minimal space in the window sill, so can still enjoy your decorative items in the window sill.

Pleated blinds

Pleated for unique angles and measurements

Pleated blinds fit most window shapes, and should your home have sloping windows, a large gable window, skylight, a sloping frame, or a round or triangular window, Merkur Gardiner recommends custom-made pleated blinds. Pleated blinds are the most flexible solution for oblique angles, as we tailor pleated blinds to exactly your home.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds with double layer of fabric

Double pleated blinds, also known as dupli and duette blinds, consist of two layers of pleated fabric. Between the two layers of fabric, small pockets are formed in beehive shapes that hide strings and string holes, so that the appearance is quite simple. This beehive structure filters the light in a comfortable way, so it is a gentle incidence of light that penetrates the pleat. This means that you still have the opportunity to have your living room lit, even if the pleat has been pulled down.

Pleated blinds

Double layer of fabric – double up on colors

Double pleated blinds allow you to combine two different textile fabrics into one curtain. For example, you can choose that all pleated blinds should have the same colour on the outside, so it looks the same on the outside, but on the inside, each room has its own unique colour. In this way, you create wholeness and individuality at the same time.

Pleated blinds

Save on heat with double-layer pleated blinds

With the beehive shape of the dupli and duette blinds, the pockets between the two layers of fabric, they create a layer of stagnant air, which provides an insulated effect and can reduce the heat loss from your windows by up to 30%. Therefore, double-layer pleated blinds are also an environmentally friendly solution, as the CO2 emissions from your household are also reduced. In addition, double-layer pleated blinds also provide a cooling effect in summer, as up to 77% of the sun’s rays are reflected back and the room maintains a comfortable temperature.

Pleated blinds

Get better acoustics with dupli and duet blinds

With the double layer of pleated in dupli and duette blinds, you can achieve better acoustics in your home. The unique beehive shape has a sound-absorbing effect, and can absorb up to 70% of sounds from the outside, and inside it creates a quieter space. Therefore, double-layer pleated curtains are a good solution for rooms with poor acoustics.

Pleated blinds

The ultimate pleated blind with four layers

Get all the benefits of the double-pleated pleated blind to an even greater degree, with a pleated blind consisting of four layers of fabric that provides three air pockets. The look is the same as a regular dupli or duette blind, except that this pleated blind has an inner layer of fabric, also known as a beehive inside a beehive. With the extra layer of fabric, you get a more insulating effect on heat and cold release, a sound-absorbing function and better infiltration of light incidence.

Pleated blinds

Use pleats for blackout

If you want total blackout, pleated blinds on rails are a really good solution. The rails are mounted on both sides of the window section, so when you pull down your blackout pleated blind, you shut out all light. The pleated blind itself is sewn with an aluminum coating on the inside of the fabric, so that it provides a completely tight closure of sun and street lights. At Merkur Gardiner, you can get pleated blinds for blackout in many colors and patterns, so that your blackout curtain becomes both a functional and aesthetic part of your home decor.

Pleated blinds

Manual operating systems

You can get your pleated blinds with regular drawstring or chain pull, where you manually raise and lower the blind. Furthermore, you can, for example, choose the loopcord® solution, where the cord always has the same length, regardless the blind is pulled up or down. You can also choose the smartcord® solution, which with its pump function easily raises and lowers the blind via the pull cord, which, like the loopcord®, always has the same cord length.

Pleated blinds
Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds

The simple solution

If you are looking for a simple expression, you can choose cordless® as the operating method, as it is completely without cord or chain pull. Here you adjust the pleated blind with a handle on the baseboard or via an attached metal handle.

Then you can operate your pleated blinds with the up / down function, where you have the option of shielding the window right where you need it. For example, you can get sun into the top of the window, while the middle and bottom of the window are shielded, as you adjust on the top or bottom list as needed. This solution is also known as free parking, as you park the curtain as you wish.

Pleated blinds

Motorised operation

You can also choose the motorised solution, where you can pull forwards or backwards via a remote control or app. Our motorised pleated blinds are compatible with Brel Home and Somfy TaHoma® switch, which can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

Pleated blinds

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