Roller blinds

Roller blinds are characterized by their very simple appearance and tight structure, which gives a stylish look to the home. Roller blinds are a classic solution for shielding from sunlight and peeking, and they are available in a multitude of shades, color combinations and patterns – so you can easily roll out your imagination.

Roller blinds

The stylish solution

Roller blinds are a simple solution, as the curtain is completely tight and gives clean lines to the interior design. Roller blinds are available both as single and multi-colored and with patterns on, so there is definitely a roller blind for your particular home. Roller blinds can be mounted so that they sit close to the window, so when the blind is pulled down, you can still enjoy the things you have standing in your window sill.

Roller blinds

Tailor-made roller blinds for your home

At Merkur Gardiner, we supply roller blinds according to your measurements, so you always get roller blinds that fit your home. In addition to choosing the textile to be tailored to your roller blind, you can also choose decorative ribbons and custom-made edges that make your roller blind more unique. Thus, roller blinds are a good opportunity to custom design solar screening in your home.

Roller blinds

Use roller blinds as blackout

For completely dense darkening of a room, Merkur Gardiner recommends a roller blind, which runs on a rail and mounted in a cassette. In this way, you ensure that no light escapes into the top or side or bottom of the roller blind because it is tightly closed.

Roller blinds

The Duo Roller – the flexible curtain

The Duo Roller is a unique curtain that combines the best of venetian blinds and roller blinds in one curtain. The Duo Roller consists of two layers of fabric with visible and transparent stripes, respectively, which regulate the incidence of light, depending on how you have set the stripes to overlap. You can choose your Duo Rollers from several different brands and in different colors and designs. Common to all Duo Rollers is that they are tailored to your windows.

Roller blinds

Play with the light with Duo Rollers

With Duo Rollers’ alternating weaves of visible and transparent stripes, you can adjust the light in a whole new way. The Duo Roller’s stripes make it possible to set the light incidence to three functions: Fully open, partially open to fully closed. With the Duo Roller you can determine the amount of light that suits your needs.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds manually controlled

Roller blinds from Merkur Gardiner can be operated with chain pulls that can be color-coordinated with the color of the blind, or with a metal chain. 

If you are looking for the very simple expression, you can choose the cordless® solution, which is completely without cords and chain pulls. With cordless®, you can pull the roller blind up and down with a small grip on the baseboard, and in this way you control the screening of views and sunlight yourself. In addition, cordless® is a child-friendly solution, as there are no cords or chains they can get their fingers in.

Roller blinds

Motorized roller blinds

You can also choose the motorized solution, where the roller blind can be adjusted up and down via a Somfy remote control or via an app on your smartphone or tablet device. The motorized solution also allows you to set hours so that the roller blinds adjust themselves during the day or when you are on holiday. Our motorized roller blinds are compatible with the control systems Brel Home, Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma®.

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