Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the market’s most flexible solutions for solar screening. With its unique vertical stripes, light incidence and viewing can be adjusted as needed, and you can shield from the outside world completely and partially with the curtain’s rotation function, which easily rotates the slats. Vertical blinds come in many colors and widths, so you will definitely find a vertical blind in your taste.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds for any window shape

For large windows and panoramic windows, vertical blinds fit well, as the slats can completely or partially screen for sun and view. In addition, slats are well suited for special window shapes such as bay windows, triangular or for windows with curved or sloping top frames, as slats slide easily on the curved or bent rails. Thus, vertical blinds are an obvious choice for houses and windows with unique angles.

Vertical blinds

Light fall and shading in one

Vertical blinds are a flexible solution for windows, where you switch between bright sunlight and darker, as a single rotation of the slats can alternate between complete screening for partial visibility. In addition, vertical blinds can also be run all the way to the side of the window section, so that there is a full view. With this option to adjust on light incidence, shielding and openness, vertical blinds make a very flexible curtain solution. There are many options with the stylish lines.

Vertical blinds

Tailor-made vertical blinds

At Merkur Gardiner, we take into account that window sections are different, and therefore we deliver slats that are tailored to your home. We sew standard slats, which means that the slats are the same length, and we sew slats with different lengths, for example slats that must cover both a garden door and windows over a window sill, which causes the height to vary. Vertical blinds are available in many different colors, patterns, sizes and types of fabrics. Merkur Gardiner can supply transparent, semi-transparent and blackout slats, all depending on how big your need is to screen for sun and street lights.

Vertical blinds

Paired and free slats

At the bottom of the slats, you can choose between welded-in bottom weights with chain, which means that the slats are connected to each other, or welded-in bottom weights which hang freely down from the rail. If the slatted blinds go all the way down to the floor, Merkur Gardiner recommends slats with welded-in bottom weights for homes with small children and pets, so they go free of chains.

Vertical blinds

Width and narrow slats

Merkur Gardiner sells four sizes of slat widths: 63, 89, 127 and 250 mm slat widths, you can choose from. When choosing the width that suits your needs, we recommend that you think about the depth of your window sill and how much look you need when the slats are open. The wider the slats, the more distance there is between the individual slats, and thus more visibility and light incidence. At Merkur Gardiner, you have the opportunity to see the different widths and assess which solution is best for your home.

Vertical blinds

Blackout with slats

Vertical blinds can completely and partially shield from the outside world and light, and slats can also function as a complete shielding from light incidence. With blackout slats, you get a dark room regardless of the time of day, and with the rotation technique you can determine the degree of light incidence in the hours of sunshine.

Vertical blinds

Use slats for room division

If the space is small and the needs are large, vertical blinds can be a good solution for dividing up space. Slats as a room divider provide great flexibility in the interior in relation to shelves or partitions, as you can move the slats back and forth as needed. For example, you can screen the office space from the bedroom, with a vertical blind.

Vertical blinds

Manual and motorized operating solutions

Vertical blinds can be operated easily with cord and chain pulls, or you can choose the motorized solution where the slats can rotate, or be moved to the side or for the window section via a remote control or app. The remote-controlled vertical blinds are without cord or chain, and comfortable with the control systems Brel Home, Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma®

We help you whether you need right or left operation. Regardless of which side your chain or cord or cordless motor is on, the slats can be extended all the way to the right or left side, or split in the middle so that there are slats on both sides of the window section.

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