Textiles are one of the most exclusive sun protection solutions on the market, as they aesthetically give rooms an atmospheric atmosphere, both when they are shielded from the sun and view and when they are pulled off. With its soft shapes, fabrics contribute to the interior design quietly, and you will find a wide selection of curtain fabrics at Merkur Gardiner.


The soft lines in the room

Textiles are a good solution for creating cosiness and personality in your decor, as the soft pull-out curtains contribute to a warm atmosphere to your home. Preferred curtains are evocative both when pulled back and forth, and at Merkur Gardiner you can choose from transparent, patterned, plain and multi-colored fabrics. You can also choose from different materials such as linen, velor, cotton, polyester and many others, so you will find a pull-out curtain just to your taste.


Decorate with several layers

Since curtain curtains can only be adjusted by pulling forwards or backwards, you can combine several textiles to create a flexible sun protection solution. Combine light or light fabrics with strong ones, so that you can regulate the incidence from a soft to a more effective shade, depending on sunlight. In addition, different fabrics allow for more colors to enter the home.


Give the room height

With floor-length fabrics that hang from ceiling to floor, you give the room height and make the room appear larger. At the same time, it gives an exclusive and hotel-like look, as the textiles are allowed to fill in the decor. In addition, you can also choose to have a curtain rod that is longer than the size of the window section, so when the pull-out curtains are drawn, you still have your full window view. It is also a good, alternative solution to make space seem larger.


Blackout with textiles

In addition to pleated and blinds as a popular blackout reading, you can also use fabric textiles for your home. With a pull-out curtain sewn in blackout fabrics, you can pull back and forth when you need darkness and light, respectively. This darkens the room as needed. Most often, blackout is associated with black and dark colors, but in fact, at Merkur Gardiner you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can choose a textile that matches your other decor. Although blackout has a practical function, it can easily give an aesthetic appearance.


Create spaces with textiles

Textiles are a simple solution for dividing rooms, as the textiles run on a rail in the ceiling, and you can therefore easily pull pull-out curtains back and forth. With textiles as room dividers, you do not need a partition or screen wall, and you can completely flexibly screen and open your room as needed. You can choose to divide the room with many different types of textiles, ranging from blackout to tightly woven to the transparent version, so you can definitely find a textile to your interior design taste.


From plastic in the garden to textiles

Worldwide, 820 million tonnes of plastic are produced every day, with the 8 million tonnes ending up in the sea on an annual basis. It takes the sea 400 years to break down plastic bottles, however, you can help nature along the way by collecting these plastic bottles. Six collected plastic bottles become 1 m 2 polyester, and then recycled polyester is 66% less energy-intensive and uses 90% less water when it is produced, compared to a completely new production. At Merkur Gardiner, you can choose recycled fabrics from the Pagunette brand, which have the same abrasion resistance and durability as regular polyester. The bonus is that the collection has a lower environmental impact, so you choose both beautiful textiles and sustainability at the same time.


Motorized and manual operation

You can pull your blinds back and forth manually, and possibly using a guide bar, or make them motorized. Once they are motorized, you can move the curtain back and forth via a remote control or app on your smartphone or tablet device. All our motorized solutions are comfortable with the control systems Brel Home, Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma®.

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