Conservatory awnings

Conservatory awnings are a good opportunity to create coziness about the outdoor seating and give guests shelter from wind and bright sun when they need to enjoy the dishes. Conservatory awnings provide shade from the sun, which means that the conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature, so extend the season with a conservatory awning, which is available in a wide range of colors, striped and patterned versions.

Conservatory awnings

Take advantage of the outdoor spaces

As extra comfort for restaurants, cafés and bars’ outdoor seating, a conservatory awning can provide comfortable temperatures to enjoy your morning and afternoon in where the sun is brightest. The conservatory itself screens from wind, rain and dew, and the awning fabric then provides shade for the guests. A conservatory awning can cover an area of up to 36 m2, and can have a gap of up to 7 meters, so you can get an awning fabric that fits your conservatory.

conservatory awnings

Let the awning fabric set the mood

Just as tablecloths, napkins and other interior design create the framework for the company’s visual identity, the awning tablecloth is no exception. Merkur Gardiner’s selection of awning fabrics consists of over 200 different varieties, which are available in exotic colors such as lime green and Nordic shades such as anthracite gray and cream color. Our entire range of awning fabrics is OEKO TEX® certified, so they are free of chemicals and harmful dyes.

conservatory awnings

Double shade with roller blinds

The conservatory awning screens from above and with an external blind you can also get shade from the side. The external roller blinds are particularly suitable for low-lying sun, where the sun’s rays shine just horizontally into the conservatory, and otherwise generally to create a little distance for viewing from the outside. For very wide conservatories, Merkur Gardiner recommends a vertical awning, which is available in larger dimensions than exterior roller blinds.

conservatory awnings

Motorized conservatory awnings

Easily operate your conservatory awnings with a Somfy remote control or via app on smartphone or tablet device. Our motorized controls are comfortable with the Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma® control systems. For extra comfort, you can connect a sun sensor, which automatically makes the awning move back and forth, depending on the intensity of the sun, and if the awning is mounted on top of the conservatory roof, you can advantageously connect a wind sensor, which regulates the awning in relation to the wind. .

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