Patio and balcony awnings

Patio and balcony awnings are the classic solution for creating shade in the hours of sunshine and shelter from the dew in the evening effectively. Patio and balcony awnings provide good comfort and make it possible to enjoy the outdoor frames as much as possible, and then they create coziness under a beautiful awning fabric, which comes in a myriad of colors, patterns and striped variants.

Patio and balcony awnings

Enjoy the shade and the evenings under the awning

Whether it is restaurant visitors or nursing home residents who need to enjoy a cozy moment in the good weather, they can enjoy the shade under a patio awning. With free passage under it and the same functions as a large parasol, you get a flexible solar screening, which does not stand in the way, as it is fixed to the wall. Extend the outdoor coziness into the evening hours with a patio and balcony awning that screens the dew, and with the option of built-in LED spots in the arms and heat lamps, there is no need to move the reading or dining indoors. Patio and balcony awnings provide many hours to use and enjoy the outdoors, with its shielding from sun and dew.

Patio and balcony awnings

Tailor-made awnings

An awning can have a maximum drop of 4 meters, and then several awnings can be connected, so that the awning is up to 14 meters in width. Regardless of your needs and area, the terrace and balcony awning is produced according to your measurements. Create the right atmosphere with the right awning fabric, which with its selection of over 200 different variants, will probably fit into the workplace’s color tones and interior design. All awnings are OEKO-TEX® certified and are completely free of harmful chemicals and dyes, and all awnings are durable, dirt-repellent and robust against strong sun rays, rain and fluctuating temperatures.

Patio and balcony awnings

Double up on shade and screen

Patio and alto awnings provide shade and shelter from above, and with an external blind in the front boom, you can also create protection from the side. The motorized blind is particularly suitable for shielding from low-lying sun, cool breeze or for creating a slightly private setting, by minimizing exposure to passers-by. The blind can be lowered all the way down to 210 cm, so you can create an entire space in nature. Choose a blind that matches the awning fabric or choose a separate color to add color to the decor of the outdoor area.

Patio and balcony awnings

Easy operation of patio awnings

Patio and balcony awnings can be operated manually with a crank or with the motorized solution, where the awning moves back and forth via an app or remote control. Our motorized awning solutions are compatible with the Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma® control systems. With a connected sun and wind sensor, the awning is exposed to less load, as it automatically drives in strong winds and out when the sun is high, so there is always pleasant shade.

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