Window awnings

Window awnings are an external sunshade, which provides both a filtered light, comfortable temperatures inside and a good indoor climate. At the same time, window awnings allow you to open the windows during the working day and get fresh air in, even if they have been driven out. Window awnings come in a multitude of color options, patterns and stripes, and they can spruce up any facade while providing good shade.


Shade and view with drop arm awnings

Drop arm awnings are ideal for workplaces where a lot of work takes place indoors and by computesr, where both temperatures and light inflow can affect the work intensity. Drop arm awnings are attached to the wall or in the window frame, so when the drop arm awning is rolled out, the arms fall out from the cassette. The drop arm awning can be set to three stops. The upper stop is when the awning has to roll itself into the half or full cassette, the lower stop is the maximum angular degree, the awning has to roll down to, which can be a maximum of 120 degrees, and then there is finally the comfort stop, which is your preferred stop for the drop arm awning. With drop arm awnings, you still get a view when they are driven out, and at the same time get good shade from the sun.

window awnings

Marquisolette, the flexible solution

Marquisolettes combine the combinations of drop arm awnings and exterior screens into one sunshade. The upper part of the awning consists of the awning fabric, which runs down along the window pane until the arms fall out at the angle it is set to in the same way as with drop arm awnings. This solar screening solution is ideal for elongated window sections, where light incidence and lookout can vary, as the upper part of the window is completely shielded by the awning fabric and the lower part is open for looking out.

window awnings

Design your own window awnings

Let window awnings adorn the wall in a color that matches the DNA of the workplace and supports the visual identity. You can be inspired by Merkur Gardiner’s selection of over 200 different awning fabrics, which are available in colorful variants for the more discreet cream and gray shades. All awnings are OEKO TEX® certified, so they do not contain harmful dyes or chemicals. The awning tablecloths are dirt-repellent and durable and can withstand all the weather seasons of the year.

window awnings

Motorize your window awnings

Easily move window awnings up and down with motor control, which you control with a remote control or via the app on a smartphone or tablet device. Our motorized window awnings are compatible with the Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma® operating systems. Connect a sun and wind sensor to window awnings so that they automatically run out when the sun is high and in when it is cloudy or the wind gets too strong. A sensor provides the ultimate in comfort and extends the functionality of the awnings.

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