Eco-friendly curtains

If your company or organization has a green philosophy, you can easily combine solar screening with sustainability and an environmentally conscious mindset. Whether you choose textiles made from recycled polyester or plastic bottles, textiles with a focus on cradle to cradle, or pleated curtains with a focus on minimizing CO2 emissions, each solar screening solution is one step closer to green conversion.

Eco-friendly curtains

Plastic turns into curtain textiles

Every day, 820 million tons of plastic are produced, and every year 8 of them end up in the sea. It takes the sea 400 years to decompose plastic, however, a technique has been developed to make use of the discarded plastic, for the benefit of both nature and humans. Six collected plastic bottles become 1 m2 of polyester. In addition to making the oceans cleaner, recycled polyester is 66% less energy-intensive and uses 90% less water when produced, compared to a new production. At Merkur Gardiner, we sell Pagunette’s Recycled collection, where the textiles consist of up to 100% recycled plastic, and Stila offers slatted blinds and roller blinds made of recycled polyester, which were originally plastic bottles, collected in Danish nature. Recycled polyester is just as durable as new, so quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Eco-friendly curtains

Climate-friendly slats

Bamboo grows faster than any other grass or tree species, and since it is CO2-neutral throughout its life, bamboo is an extremely sustainable choice. The bamboo grows up to 1 meter a day and can be felled every two years, compared to an oak tree that is felled every 25 years. At Merkur Gardiner, we sell bamboo venetian blinds from the brand Stila, and should aluminum slats fit better into the design of the workplace, you can still choose sustainably. Stila also offers aluminum venetian blinds, which are produced from 98% recycled aluminum, and it is 92% less energy-intensive for nature, as existing aluminum is remelted. Both the environmentally friendly bamboo and aluminum venetian blinds reduce CO2 emissions and the use of nature’s own resources.

Eco-friendly curtains

Textiles that protect nature

The NatureProtect collection from Jab Anstoetz offers textiles that minimize the impact on the climate as much as possible. The entire collection has been developed with a focus on OceanSafe ™ technology, so the textiles consist exclusively of organic cotton and 100% biodegradable synthetic fibers. This allows nature to compost the textiles even in the compost pile once they have served their purpose. Unlike other textiles that contain plastic residues, these textiles are completely plastic-free and significantly reduce the degradation time for nature, and make it more natural for the climate to compost the textiles themselves.

Eco-friendly curtains

Choose CO2-friendly fabrics

If your company or organization has a CSR initiative to minimize the workplace’s total CO2 emissions, you can advantageously choose textiles that are produced with the least possible negative consequences for the environment. Jab Anstoetz’s NatureProtect collection has aimed to grow the cotton in the same place as it is finished – harvesting, spinning and weaving all take place within a radius of 40 km, in southern Turkey. In production, efforts have been made to maximize economical water use, use short transport routes and use renewable energy, all of which make the collection cradle to cradle gold and platinum certified. In addition, the entire collection is free of harmful chemicals and dyes, making the textiles some of the market’s most climate-friendly of its kind.

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