Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a very flexible solar screening solution that with its vertical stripes can easily adjust light inflow and viewing via its rotation function. With one turn, there can be full view or completely darkened, and then come louvered curtains in a wide range of colors and features.

Lamelgardiner til kontorindretning

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds for a better indoor climate

Vertical blinds are suitable as solar screening for window sections, where bright sunlight and darkness change frequently, as the slats can quickly change from being open to completely closed. Slats are ideal for office landscapes, where a lot of work is done with computer screens, as the slats filter the light in a comfortable way and they can rotate as the sun moves, so the screens are always free of light reflections. In addition, slats are available with fire-retardant and heat-repellent coatings, which contribute to a safe working environment and to a better indoor climate, as they provide comfortable room temperatures.

Vertical blinds

Screening and room dividers in offices

Vertical blinds can easily switch between complete, partial and total shielding from bright sunlight and peeking, and they are also ideal for quickly and flexibly dividing rooms. Unlike screen and partitions and shelving as room dividers, a single rotation of the slats can divide the office, or create a private setting in meeting rooms with a glass wall next to the rest of the office space.

Vertical blinds

Design your own slats

At Merkur Gardiner, we supply tailor-made vertical blinds according to your measurements, and you can design the color and functions of the slats yourself. Choose between transparent, semi-transparent and blackout slats, depending on how much light they need to screen off. The slats can be connected via a chain at the bottom or you can choose welded-in bottom weights, where the slats hang freely from the rail. If your company or organization has a green mindset, you can choose vertical blinds from our brand Stila, which has a range of slats made of recycled material, Greenguard and Cradle to Cradle certifications, all of which send nature a friendly thought.

Vertical blinds

Easily operate vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be operated manually with cord or chain pulls, to move them forwards or backwards or to rotate the angle of them. If you prefer no chains or cords, the motorized solution is optimal. Here you control the slats via a remote control or app on a smartphone or tablet. Our motorized slats are compatible with the control systems Brel Home, Somfy Connexoon RTS and Somfy TaHoma®. Whether the slats are operated manually or motorized, the slats can be driven all the way to the right or left side or divided in the middle, as with ordinary pull-out curtains.

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