Textiles are the classic solution for shielding from sunlight and providing atmospheric spaces. In business contexts, the textile has developed into more functional properties such as bacteria- and flame-retardant and sound-absorbing against poor acoustics. Whether textiles are to contribute to a luxurious hotel interior or to promote health in hospitals, we have a wide and colorful selection at Merkur Gardiner.


Use fabrics for office decor

For large office landscapes where there may be a need to screen off the neighboring ward, sit isolated at a meeting table and discuss the agenda, or otherwise create a divide in the space, textiles are an easy way to achieve this. With a rail in the ceiling, the textiles move back and forth easily, and you avoid large room dividers and partitions and screen walls. Whether it is to create a smaller space in the room with tightly woven fabrics or decoration with a transparent variant, the bonus is that textiles absorb a lot of noise, so you also get a sound-absorbing effect in the office.


Keep the light out with blackout

For rooms and meeting rooms, where presentations from a projector are most often to be shown, blackout fabrics can be a good solution to make the visual impact visible. Blackout fabrics are also suitable for workplaces such as homes, care centers, hospitals and the like, where employees have the opportunity to take a break during the shift.


Get better acoustics with noise-reducing fabrics

For a good working environment, good acoustics are an important factor. Whether it is office domiciles, reading rooms, hospital corridors, waiting areas or large canteens, the background noise can be resounding and give an uncomfortably high noise level. Curtain textiles absorb a lot of sound, and if they are textiles of stronger quality such as felt, wool and velor, it can contribute enormously to a more comfortable acoustics. Screen for bright light and increase the physical work environment with noise-reducing textiles.


Increase safety with fire-retardant fabrics

For primary schools, secondary education, care centers, hospitals and other institutions where there are many people under one roof, fire-retardant textiles can create security. The fire-retardant textiles can significantly slow down the pace of a fire’s spread and smoke development or even prevent fires from occurring. With a reduction in fire landslides, students, citizens and staff alike can feel safe, even if a fire should occur.


Kill bacteria with textiles

Hygiene is an extremely important tool in hospitals, and bactericidal textiles can kill up to 99.8% of all bacteria on the surface of the textile. This makes bactericidal textiles an important resource for minimizing viruses, diseases and allergy genes. Therefore, bactericidal textiles are also ideal as room division on bed sections, with several patients in the same room, as the textile between them prevents bacteria from spreading.


Environmentally friendly textiles

If the workplace has a green philosophy, environmentally friendly textiles can be a step in the sustainable direction. At Merkur Gardiner, we sell collections from the brands Pagunette and Stila, both of which offer textiles that are made from collected plastic in the sea and nature and recycled into new polyester. With their NatureProtect collection, the brand Jab focuses on minimizing costs for nature as little as possible, and the entire collection is both cradle to cradle gold and platinum certified. There are many environmental perspectives, so whether the focus should be on CO2 reduction, recycling or minimization of the earth’s natural resources, we have the selection at Merkur Gardiner.

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