Gardiner Odense


Merkur Curtains was founded in 1954 by Harry Jacobsen. In the beginning all solutions were specifically customized for every client, og the goal was to design the private homes.


The products were delivered on a bicycle with engine, and our phone number was only 4 digits. Everything was more simple and Harry took care of business all by himself.


At Merkur curtains we have always been open to impressions and new ideas, when visiting exhibitions, or traveling to our suppliers. Today we are a modern company, focused on keeping our core values.


Every detail matters, and we do our utmost to inspire and give advice about the many options.


Today Merkur curtains is run by Kenneth Birkkjær and 14 experienced employees. We have a large and wide collection, and we deliver all over Denmark. You feel like visiting us, then we have a showroom in Odense.