Gardiner Odense


Merkur Curtains is a company with more than 60 years of experience.


At Merkur we are focused on being helpful. We do our utmost to give our clients the best experience and a feeling, that we always do our best.


We are thorough and would be happy to give you advice about functionality, design and control. The most important is, that you feel well equipped for the job ahead.


Simple, cozy and custommade. We try to understand all your ideas, and you can always lend some of our fabric samples. We are very energetic and recommend our clients to consider all options.


You feel like having a chat or you need new ideas, then you are always welcome. We have a showroom and many products, where you can easily be inspired.


You can also make a booking from one of our curtain busses. We are available - without any strings attached.