Merkur is specialized in delivering solutions to the public and to private businesses, and we have extensive experience with solutions for i.e. schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, industrial and restaurants.

Our business department have 60 years of experience with small and big assignments, and we can advise you about design, functionality and details. We will give you ideas and suggestions, and we will take care of all the practicalities. Already in the beginning phase, where sketches are being made, we will align the price with your budget.


Merkur can find solutions where special materials are required, and we are always open to new challenges.


Competitive prices, high service level and a professional cooperation - gives you the confidence, that we can deliver a quality that lasts.


Merkur curtains deliver complete solutions, that you can enjoy every day.


Contact one of our business consultants:

Kenneth Birkkjær: 4088 8740 –

June Kaa: 2567 8740 –