Gardiner Odense



Washing and dry clean:



Beautiful clean curtains look beautiful on any window… We can offer to wash and dry clean your curtains, and our fitter can demount and mount according to your needs.


  1. It is important for a clean indoor climate
  2. Curtain washing and dry cleaning decreases asthma, allergy and hay fever
  3. We only use "Nordic Swan" labeled washing powder in our laundry
  4. Extend the lifetime of your curtains with regular maintenance
  5. Our capable sewing room can repair various damages, seam edges etc.
  6. We have our own workshop and can handle even small repairs
  7. We make it easy to demount and mount.


Dry cleaning and washing of: 

  1. Ordinary curtains
  2. Roman blinds
  3. Blinds
  4. Slats
  5. Pleated curtains
  6. Roller-blinds
  7. Exterior blinds etc.